About Us

Emaoifrob was established in 2006 to manage and progress high level asset based investments. Emaoifrob has dynamically managed investments such as Commercial Office acquisitions, Major Production facility delivery , Land positions and Technology investment.

Emaoifrob has offices in Ireland and Canada .

Emaoifrob has three operational subsidiaries, investment Partners, Project Partners and Canirl.


Emaoifrob Head Office

Emaoifrob Executive Chairman with An Taoiseach

Emaoifrob Executive Chairman, Andrew Griffith



Emaoifrob was established to fully and purely represent its Investor client base and ensure that at all times the Ethos of the Client is fully applied to the disciplined and structured management of the Client Portfolio.



Emaoifrob Directors and staff give of there time and resources to support vital work in the community and support areas such as Third level Education and Research and Development and Sport in the Community as part of the overall value system of the Company.